We recognise sustainability as an integral part of our long term strategy for growth. As a responsible corporate citizen, we are constantly working to research, develop and adopt innovative technologies and methodologies in our business activities to reduce the environmental impact of our growing operations.

Our sustainability strategies focus on four key areas - People, Health and Safety, Environment, and Community.


We are a people business and people are our most valuable asset. We aim to provide a happy working environment to motivate our employees to perform to the best of their abilities to produce quality work and services.

Health & Safety

Our employee's health and safety is our top priority. The Group has implemented a sound safety management system and adopts the highest level of occupational health and safety standards in all of our planning, design and construction processes.


To ensure good environmental performances and sustainable operations, we place great emphasis on green procurement and resource management, energy conservation, waste reduction and recycling and we adopt and strictly comply with international standards.


We attach great importance to community services and are giving back to the communities in which we operate. We actively take part in charitable and community activities and have provided support to the underprivileged by engaging in various volunteering activities.

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