Paul Y. attending the Digital Economy Summit
18 Apr 2024
Paul Y. was honoured that Ir Jonathan Wong, Director, was invited to attend and be a panellist at the Digital Economy Summit last week to discuss and exchange views on how smart city technology can accelerate future growth of digital economies. The Summit attracted over 4,000 attendees, including over 100 technology visionaries, industry pioneers and business leaders from across the world.

Ir Wong shared how cutting-edge technology will transform and support the expansion of the digital infrastructure revolution and Paul Y.’s experience in adopting innovative technology in its operations to enhance site safety and quality: "We have driven our company to adopt application of Building Information Modelling (BIM) on projects during the full project cycle from planning stage to installation and testing & commissioning stages.”

At the end of the panel discussion, Ir Wong added: “We should put more effort and resources in driving our people to adopt BIM and its wide range of applications in developing more and more world class smart buildings for Hong Kong in the future”.

We will continue to play a part in the application of innovative technology in the construction industry.
Smart Econ & Business Inno_Panel 3.jpeg