Safe and Efficient Construction through Advanced MR Devices and 5G Networks
24 Mar 2021

Paul Y. Engineering Group Limited (the Group) one of the established contractors in Hong Kong, committed to progressive integration of innovative technology into traditional construction practices to enhance quality, site safety and operational efficiency of its project works. The Group has been proactively investing in research, development, and application of state-of-the-art technologies, such as Building Information Modelling (BIM), Project Management Information System (PMIS), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR) and VisionHub cloud platform.

For its coming projects, the Group proposes to strategically introduce to its operations the utilisation of HoloLens 2 (an MR device) together with 5G mobile networks as a proactive response to "Construction 2.0" which is advocated by the Government of the HKSAR to help drive the transformation of the local construction industry.



Pioneering Utilisation of Holograms and Intelligent Cloud to Ensure Construction in line with Design

The Group is leading the way in introducing the application of advanced MR devices on project sites. It combines Artificial Intelligence, hand gesture and eye movement tracking technologies to enable projection, annotation, remote support, video conferencing and training through MR and holography for the enhancement of construction efficiency.

Mr. James Lee, the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of the Group, explained, "While BIM technology can produce 3D models for architectural drawings, it cannot depict overly complicated construction methodologies or information, especially for mega scale construction works. However, the brand new HoloLens 2 can now combine spatial mapping and 5G networking for the real-time overlay of the up to date BIM model onto the actual visible site environment on a scale of 1:1 via hologram and intelligent cloud. Not only can the details of the model be accurately displayed but also any adjustments and changes in the hologram can be synchronised on all devices. By comparing the in-situ conditions and the BIM model, project staff can identify problems in a timely manner and propose appropriate adjustments, so that the actual project works proceed in accordance with construction drawings."


Remote Assistance to Strengthen Cooperation between Stakeholders

Frequent testing and site inspections are required throughout the life cycle of a project for quality assurance and safety. All stakeholders, including engineers, architects and other consultants, must be involved in testing and inspections, which takes up considerable time and human resources. The application of MR, holograms and spatial mapping are tools in realising remote monitoring. Images can be shared with other stakeholders through HoloLens 2 with a number of people using the device on site, thereby reducing the need and frequency of site visits.

"Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is not ideal to call for face-to-face meetings or site visits, and since some of our partners have adopted work-from-home arrangements, it is necessary for us to use effective and user friendly innovative technological applications and devices to ensure smooth progress on projects." Mr. Lee said.

Through creative integration of MR, hologram and intelligent cloud, the Group hopes to maintain close cooperation with all stakeholders in order that everyone can join the same meeting or inspection in different locations, which allows immediate decision making and improves construction efficiency. For more applications on Mixed Reality, please click to watch the following short video.