MiC – Future of Construction
23 Oct 2022

Paul Y. was honoured to host Mr. Wong Wai Lun, Michael, GBS, JP, Deputy Financial Secretary, Ms. Ho Wing Ying, Winnie, JP, Secretary for Housing, Mr. Lau Chun Kit, Ricky, JP, Permanent Secretary for Development (Works), Mr. Kwong Ka Sing, John, JP, Head of Project Strategy and Governance Office, and Mr. K. L. Tam, Director of Estates of HKU on 23 October for a visit to our 1224-Place Student Residence project at Wong Chuk Hang for The University of Hong Kong, a Development Bureau pilot MiC project.

Our Project Team gave an update on the construction progress and accompanied our guests on a tour of a typical floor comprising 10 furnished dormitory units that were assembled and fitted out in Mainland China before on-site installation in Hong Kong.

There are 6 types of prefabricated modules used in the project and BIM is applied for MiC simulation.  With MiC, the following aspects of the construction progress are enhanced:

Quality - coordination by digitalisation of the construction workflow into 41 steps by the use of innovative technology such e-InStar, e-Transfer and e-InstalStar, a digital monitoring system that provides 100% real-time precise tracking and comprehensive remote supervision.

Site Safety - minimising the number of labours working at height and also reducing dangerous working procedures to be done on site.

Labour Resources and Speed - less labour resources as it only takes 10 workers, 3 days to complete the installation of one floor, which is much faster than using traditional building methods that usually take at least a week or more to build a floor. 

Our target is to reach the topping out by the end of December 2022. MiC provides advantages to the construction process by shifting on-site construction to a controlled factory environment, which reduces construction waste, and at the same time improves site safety, quality and efficiency. MiC is destined to grow and become the preferred methodology for construction to enable Hong Kong to increase housing supply for the people of Hong Kong.