Construction of Grey Water Treatment Plant at Development of Anderson Road Quarry Site
Contract Sum (HK$ Million)
Expected Completion Year
Expected Construction Months

This is a joint venture with Tsun Yip. The scope of works includes site formation, utility installation, construction of common access roads, plants and tanks, water storage and pumping facilities, steel decking and rooftop formation, overall plant architectural and landscaping works and equipment supply and installation, ancillary works and commissioning for a Grey Water Treatment Plant. 

The proposed grey water treatment plant is the first large scale plant in Hong Kong with a treatment capacity of 3,300 cubic metres per day. It forms part of a centralised government-operated grey water recycling system at the Anderson Road Quarry site, which will treat grey water collected from end users within the development for flushing use.

The system comprises the grey water treatment plant with associated pumpsets, a treated grey water service reservoir and pipes for the collection and delivery of grey water. The grey water treatment process adopts the membrane bioreactor (MBR) system which is a hybrid treatment process that combines biological treatment and membrane filtration into one system.