Paul Y. Campus

The Group is fully committed to staff development and has invested in ongoing training. A wide variety of training courses, seminars and workshops are provided every year to enhance the professional skills and knowledge of our people.

Training Programme

The Group collaborates with the industry and offers a variety of programmes to better equip talents for challenges. 

Graduate Training Programme

We offer 2 to 3- year graduate training to graduate engineers and quantity surveyors in a wide range of disciplines, including Civil, Building, Building Services, Electrical, Mechanical, Structure Engineering as well as Quantity Surveying. When you join the programme, we will invest in you by providing the following support to help you develop your career including:

• In-house CPD training and sharing
• Sponsorship for external courses plus extra days of study leave
• Team building and non-technical training
• Overseas training

Apprenticeship Training Programme

Paul Y. is committed to attract new blood to join construction industry. We provide multiple career paths with comprehensive training to apprentice in different disciplines:

• Civil
• Building
• Building Services
• Electrical
• Mechanical
• Quantity Surveying

Following successful completion of the programme, apprentices will be able to develop their career further within the Group.

Collaborative Training Scheme

Paul Y. collaborates with Construction Industry Council and follows the "First-hire-then-train" approach to recruit “Intermediate Tradesman Collaborative Training Scheme” (ITCTS) and “Advanced Construction Manpower Training Scheme” (ACMTS) trainees. We aim to provide training to general workers to become semi-skilled workers and up-skill them to skilled professionals through on-the-job training.

Internship Programme

The Internship Programme in Spring / Summer is a fantastic opportunity for you to get a feel for what it is like to work in the construction industry. You will be provided with a vast amount of training through our project teams as well as a multitude of exciting opportunities such as in-house CPD workshops and / or site visit.

Professional Training

We understand the importance of professional development. The Group provides a series of support for talents to give full play to their strengths.

Accreditation and Certification

Paul Y. provides a wide range of training to develop distinctive levels of capability in employees.

From NEC4 ECC Project Manager Accreditation to Certification Scheme for BIM Personnel, we help our people obtain professional qualifications.

In addition, we encourage our staff to enroll in job-related training by sponsoring course fees and providing time-off to meet their training needs and prepare for future roles.

In-house Regular Training

We are fully committed to staff development and invested in ongoing training to enhance the professional skills and knowledge of our people. We offered a wide range of training covering environmental, health and safety, technical and experience sharing, innovation and technology, quality management and soft skills training.

Safety and Health On-site Training

We build value together through safety and quality. To increase the safety and health awareness throughout the company, you will be invited to join our training regularly. The wide range training including:

• Site Induction Safety Training
• Emergency Training
• Toolbox Training
• Trade Specific Safety & Health Training
• High Risk / Hazards Works Safety & Health Training

Academic Enhancement

Paul Y. always support staff who would like to pursue further study. The company extended the subsidizing course categories to employees in construction related Master Degree, Bachelor Degree, High Diploma, and Diploma.